Request for Qualifications

Town of Southington
Request for Qualifications

The Town of Southington is seeking to engage an Architectural Design firm to provide design services for the preparation of contract plans and documents for the expansion of Southington Public Library, 255 Main Street, Southington, CT 06489.

Project Summary

Southington’s current public library building was constructed in 1974/1975 when the population was 33,600. It is 21,000 square feet.       Southington’s current population is over 42,000. According to standard guidelines provided by the Connecticut State Library, the public library should be 40,000 sq. ft. to meet the needs of our growing community and to comply with ADA requirements.

Firms responding to this request must have been the lead Architect for at least three (3) major library expansion and renovation projects in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island or Massachusetts within the past ten (10) years. (“Major” is defined as total square footage added and renovated combined must exceed 10,000 square feet.)

The Architect will be evaluated and selected based on design and technical competence, the capacity and capability to perform work within the time allotted, past record of performance, and knowledge of Federal, State and Town procedures, appropriately weighed in descending order of importance.

Firms responding to this request should be of adequate size and sufficiently staffed to perform the assignment described above.

The selected firm must meet all Town of Southington, State and Federal affirmative action and equal employment opportunity practices.

A letter of interest, together with general information on the firm and proposed sub consultants, the firm’s brochure, current Federal GAS Forms, experience of the firm, and a resume of key personnel should be addressed to Garry Brumback, Town Manager, Town of Southington, 75 Main Street, Southington, CT 06489. Additionally, all interested firms must submit a detailed statement including the organizational structure under which the firm proposes to conduct business. Proposed sub consultants should be clearly identified. The relationship to any “parent” firm or subsidiary firm, with any of the parties concerned, must be clearly defined. Six (6) copies of the required information should be submitted.

Personnel in responsible charge of the project will be required to possess and maintain a valid Connecticut Architect’s license. All letter of interest should be identified with Southington Public Library on the outside of the envelope and must be postmarked by a U.S. Post Office (if mailed) or in the office of the Town Manager (if hand delivered) August 17, 2012. Responses received or postmarked after this date will not be considered.

Any questions concerning this project should be addressed to Susan Smayda, Executive Director, Southington Library and Museum, 255 Main Street, Southington, CT 06489.


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